The Pouring Out of the Spirit

November 10, 2019

One hundred and twenty disciples, men and women, were gathered in a room waiting for the promised Holy Spirit who would empower them to bear witness to the ends of the earth to the reign of God’s Messiah. Finally, their waiting came to end. God poured out the Spirit upon them, and they were each […]

New Publication: Anchors for the Soul

November 5, 2019

This is a second edition of a book published in 2001. I have updated it, and now it includes a video course, an audiobook, and a journal to accompany the reading of the chapters. I hope you will take a look. “Anchors for the Soul” chronicles my story, interweaving a biblical theology of suffering without […]

The Renewal of Israel

November 4, 2019

Only seven weeks ago the future looked bleak. The one whom they thought was the Messiah was dead. The disciples of Jesus hid in fear, and their spirits were broken. They had lost all hope. But that changed when God raised Jesus from the dead, and Jesus appeared to his disciples on different occasions over […]

The Messiah Establishes Kingdom Priorities

November 2, 2019

Theodrama 41. As Jesus taught in the temple courts, his opponents confronted him with a series of questions. Jesus had enraged the temple authorities when he cleansed the Court of the Gentiles from merchandizers. They questioned his actions and authority. The hostile questions intended to subvert his popularity or endanger his life. In the Gospel of […]

New Creation

October 31, 2019

Creation is good, but new creation is better. The present creation, though it retains its inherent goodness, is presently frustrated because it is bound over to corruption. It awaits something better; it awaits a glorious liberation. The present bondage will pass away even as the creation itself is gloriously transfigured when the new heaven and […]

The Messiah Enthroned as Lord

October 28, 2019

Jesus, resurrected from the dead and exalted to the right hand of the Father, is the fountainhead of new humanity. He is new humanity and thus the ground of new creation. Jesus was not resuscitated from the dead, but transformed from an Adamic, dying humanity to a glorious, resurrected humanity.  Born within the Adamic world […]

The Messiah Commissions His Disciples

October 24, 2019

Between his resurrection and his ascension to the right hand of God, Jesus spent forty days with his disciples teaching them about the kingdom of God and his messianic role. He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures, to understand everything that was written about the Messiah in the Torah, the Prophets, and the Psalms. […]

Resurrection Sunday: At the Table with Jesus

October 21, 2019

On Resurrection Day, nearly 2000 years ago, two disciples, according to Luke 24, were transformed by their experience of the risen Messiah at a table in Emmaus. While walking to Emmaus, they heard the story of a Messiah who must first suffer and then enter glory. The stranger who walked with them expounded Scripture, and […]

Resurrection: The Vindication of Jesus

October 17, 2019

The early preaching of the apostles in the Book of Acts has a rather consistent refrain. The Roman and Jewish authorities, the powers that ruled the world in Palestine, crucified Jesus, but God raised him from the dead. They condemned him, but God vindicated him. They rejected him, but God chose him as the chief […]

The Messiah Abandoned

October 14, 2019

Dying on that Friday afternoon, Jesus shouted to God, “My God, my God why have you forsaken me?” (Mark 15:34). This expressed profound emotion. It gave witness to the depth of his human experience. It was an honest exclamation and an authentic question. But it did not so much accuse as it laments, and this […]