Obituary of Joshua Mark Hicks



Meeting God at the Shack: A Journey into Spiritual Recovery (26 brief chapters). Available on Kindle.

Muscle and a Shovel–A Review (PDF file).  Available on Kindle.


Biblical Studies

Psalms – Classification of Psalms and Worship Moods

Chronicles – 1 & 2 Chronicles: Heart, Testing and Social Inclusion and 1 & 2 Chronicles: Teaching Social Justice from Chronicles

Job – Powerpoints for Faithful Lament Lectures and Faithful Lament: Job’s Response to Suffering

Job – “Job’s ‘Sanctuary Experience ‘and Mine”

Timothy, Second – “A Personal Word to Timothy (2 Timothy 4:9-22)”

Titus – Stress These Things: Theological Reflections on Titus 

Hebrews – “The Implications of Hebrews 5:11-6:3 for Fellowship and Assurance”

John, the Epistles of – Teaching John_s Epistles — Teaching Material Revised


 Historical Studies

Worship in the Second Century

K. C. Moser: An Advocate for Grace


Theological Studies


Atonement – Theories of Atonement: A Chart

Atonement – The Atonement of Christ: A Perspective

Assurance – Grace, Faith and Works: A Theological Framework for Assurance

Baptism – The Water That Divides

Church – Leadership, Church Polity

Grace – “Where’s the Grace?”

Grace – “Saved by Grace (Ephesians 2:8-10)”

Imprecations – How to Preach a Curse

Lord’s Supper — Austin Preaching Seminar: Theology, Scripture and Homilies on the Lord’s Supper

Providence – Providence: Contemporary Options

Theodicy – A Rational Theodicy?

Women – Hermeneutics and Gender

Worship – Worship–What’s All the Fuss About?

4 Responses to “General”

  1.   Jim Black Says:

    Did you remove the posts on the ‘intermediary state’? I was just reading them last night and returned to print them out, but can’t find them. I found them helpful.

  2. Profile photo of John Mark Hicks  John Mark Hicks Says:

    Jim, look under “Where are the Dead” on the “Serial Index” page. You will find them there. Blessings, JMH

  3.   Donna Phillips Says:

    My aunt went to Libscomb this summer and said that she heard you talk adout “Meeting God at the Shack” That book has helped my mother and I trmendously since my brother died. Do you sell the audio’s for that sereies?


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