Breaking Bread in Luke Acts III: Acts 2:41-47

March 25, 2009

Acts 2:41-47 has long been a focus of discussion in the history of the church, especially in the Anabaptist as well Bristish dissenter traditions. It is particularly important among “restorationist” streams for obvious reasons. My interest in this post is the meaning of “the breaking of the bread” in this narrative description of the early […]

Children at the Table

March 24, 2009

Given a couple of recent comments on my previous post by Terrell Lee and Johnny Melton, I have interrupted my series on “Breaking Bread” to offer the below piece. This brief–very brief–statement is something I wrote for a children’s minister who requested a theological rationale for children participating in communion. The following is not a […]

Theological Reflections on “The Shack” V: Kenotic Christology

October 26, 2008

[My book on the Shack is now available on Kindle.] The term kenosis comes from the classic Christological text in Philippians 2:7. The Greek verb kenoo is translated “made himself nothing” by the NIV and “emptied himself” by the NRSV. The term’s literal meaning is “empty or pour out” but the metaphorical meaning is “humbled.” […]