Lipscomb and Harding Photo

Harding and Lipscomb — joint photograph of the co-founders of the Nashville Bible School Posted by Picasa

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  1.   LiquidLifeHacker Says:

    I had never actually seen a picture of those two together before. Thanks for sharing that!

    Hmmmm thinking about all that good food in your part of the country!
    Is that place called Dotsons still serving good food?

  2.   Cathy Messecar Says:

    I really benefit from your blog posts. Thank you, and congrats on your new book that will be out in May…Cathy Messecar

  3.   David Says:

    hmm, photo of David Lipscomb and James Harding, both with full beards. And yet when I attended, the rules were NO BEARDS. I guess Harding And Lipscomb would not have been allowed at their own schools? Such hypocrisy…

  4.   John Mark Hicks Says:

    Perhaps it is not so much hypocrisy as it is changing cultural styles and meanings attached to those styles. I think hyprocrisy is too strong a word, but it does reflect how culture shapes us and the how the perceived meanings of cultural habits change as well.

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