Five Years of Blogging

I have been blogging for over five years.  My purpose in blogging has been basically two-fold:  (1) to provide resources for Stone-Campbell history and biblical study that are connected to what I am researching at the time (or teaching in my Bible classes at Woodmont Hills) and (2) to reflect our common journey of faith through the various trials we all experience (pastoral theology).

I have never thought of my blog as one where I engage contemporary controversies, debates or “hot topics” (though I have occasionally ventured there only to confirm that I need to stay focused on my original purposes).

Given my five years of blogging that so many have encouraged (and I thank you!), here are the top five blogs since February 2008.

5.  A Reflection on Psalm 84 for those Grieving Loss

4.  The Egyptian Hallel and the Lord’s Supper (Psalm 113-118)

3. “I Will Change Your Name”

2.  Women in the Assembly: 1  Corinthians 14:34-35

1. Psalm Lines that Comfort Me

Thank you for reading, but most often I write for my own benefit rather than others.  I’m kind of selfish in that way.  🙂

8 Responses to “Five Years of Blogging”

  1.   Benjamin Howard Says:

    Congratulations! I’m inspired by your ability to keep going for so long! Also, I miss your classes. A lot.

  2.   johnkking Says:

    Thanks for the balanced, deep material you share with us. I also appreciate you helping me learn some things about blogging. Now if I would just follow your example and do it more often! 🙂

  3.   K. Rex Butts Says:

    Keep it up! I really enjoy reading your blog.

  4.   jim burkhalter Says:

    Brother John Mark,
    I have been uplifted, instructed, and moved by your blog ministry.
    Thank you for the efforts, and the thought you put into these writings.

  5.   Betty Stockstill Says:

    Thank you very much for the information you share with us. I am educated and fed by your knowledge of Scripture. Your understanding gives me courage and increases my faith. I enjoy reading your work.

  6.   Randall Says:


  7.   Terrell Lee Says:

    Your blogging continues to bless me. Thanks.

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