New Publication: Anchors for the Soul

This is a second edition of a book published in 2001. I have updated it, and now it includes a video course, an audiobook, and a journal to accompany the reading of the chapters. I hope you will take a look.

“Anchors for the Soul” chronicles my story, interweaving a biblical theology of suffering without giving pat answers. It’s intended for sufferers *and for those who are comforting sufferers* on how to process and move forward, yet still be honest about where you’re at along the journey. It helps you make space for the pain… before God.

As a hardback book, I must say: it feels as good to hold as it does to read! Chad Harrington’s design team did a great job on this.

We also did an online course—that’s available right now for free when you buy the book—and a companion journal.

Also, I wanted to mention that it’s perfect for church groups: each chapter has small group questions to help you process suffering together. The online course is perfect for groups. Check it out!

Click here for information on ordering and options.

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