Working Vacation in Hawaii

I am sorry that I have not posted in quite some time. I apologize to those who regularlly keep up with my blogs.

This past week I was in Memphis teaching my class entitled “Providence and Suffering.” And tomorrow I leave for Hawaii and will be gone till June 22.
When asked to come to be with a church in Hawaii for a weekend, well, it is hard to say no. 🙂

Seriously, I leave tomorrow with my daughter Rachel who recently graduated from High School. Her graduation gift is to spend some father-daughter time with her “old man” but she gets to choose the place. So, tomorrow we leave for Hawaii. Jen will join me there on June 16.

Upon my return from my “working vacation,” I hope to pick up the task of blogging once again.

Romans 15:13


John Mark

2 Responses to “Working Vacation in Hawaii”

  1.   john alan turner Says:

    Oddly, my eyes caught the title of your class in Memphis and the word Hawaii. So, to make sense of that word combination, something in my brain said, “Providence and Surfing”. Now, that’s a class I’d sign up for!

  2.   Matt Elliott Says:

    I cannot BELIEVE that Rachel is 18 years old!! How did that happen??

    Have fun, big guy.

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