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I often get requests for CDs of two seminar series that I have done for many churches.  The two most requested are “Anchors for the Soul” and “Come to the Table.”  They are both available on my Audios page.

 “Anchors for the Soul” is my attempt to reflect on what we might say to those who are suffering.  There are definitely somethings we should not say, but there is something we can say at the appropriate time.  The five anchors are:  (1) God loves us; (2) God listens to our laments; (3) God empathizes with our suffering; (4) God reigns over our suffering; and (5) God ultimately wins over suffering. These lectures are the substance of my small group study book Anchors for the Soul: Trusting God in the Storms of Life.

 “Come to the Table” is my attempt to understand the theology of the Lord’s Supper and offer practical suggestions for experiencing the Table in more communal, interactive and joyous ways.  These lectures are the substance of my book Come to the Table Revisioning the Lord’s Supper.

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  1.   Matthew Says:

    Very thankful that you are blogging again, and I will be looking forward from learning from you.

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