Praying for a Dear Friend

I have broken my self-imposed silence for a special friend. The above picture is of David Jordan (Director of Memphis Agape), the person in the center is Dr. David Ijams (who was closest to the hole on the million dollar hole–and gave the $1000 prize back to Agape), and the person on the right is my good friend Gary Ealy who has chaired charitable golf scrambles in Memphis for years, including an annual event for Agape.

Gary Ealy, my good friend who co-planted the Cordova Community Church with me and others in Cordova, TN, was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Gary has ministered in various locations throughout his ministry–Denton, TX (campus ministry), Brownsville Road in Memphis, Highland Street in Memphis among others.  He and his wife Mary have served God faithfully for many years.

He will undergo surgery on Tuesday in Memphis. 

Listen to Gary’s lesson about how God meets our deepest needs.

I ask everyone you who reads this to pray with me–now–with this prayer:

“Father, have mercy on your servant, Gary.  Must he, in the prime of his life–in these good years of faithful service–face the valley of shadows?  My Father, have mercy on Gary and his wife Mary.

Heal him and give him many more years of ministry in your kingdom.  With healing his testimony will bear witness to your love but without healing how does this advance your cause? Have mercy on your church and give Gary life. 

I pray this for the sake of your glory and the sake of your kingdom, my God.

I surrender to your will, but like Hezekiah–your faithful servant of old–I ask for his life for the sake of his ministry and his family and most of all for the sake of your cause in this broken world.

I ask through the worthiness of your Son and in the groaning of your Holy Spirit.  Amen.

Isaiah 38

10 Responses to “Praying for a Dear Friend”

  1.   J D Says:

    Praying with you John Mark.

  2.   Randall Says:

    Thanks for the privilage to pray with you for Gary. May Gary be blessed with recovery to the glory of God. How wonderful it is to have a God who blessses us according to the greatness of his lovingkindness.

  3.   Frank B. Says:

    I’ll also be praying.

    I met and worked with Gary years ago when he came to New England representing the Genesis Group. What an impressive man he is.

  4.   mattdabbs Says:

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. He is in my prayers.

  5.   Nick Gill Says:

    Praying with you, dear brother.

  6.   Matthew Says:

    He will be in my prayers.

  7.   Matt Elliott Says:

    Gary is currently working with our church, John Mark. What time was his surgery scheduled for today?

  8.   Quiara Says:

    According to the SVCC prayer list, there were positive reports of his surgery today. I’m continuing to pray for him, his family and his ministry.

  9.   John Mark Hicks Says:

    Thanks, Q.

  10.   rich constant Says:

    He will undergo surgery on Tuesday in Memphis.

    i hope your friend is resting john mark

    wed. afternoon

    blessings and prayers

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