When We Assemble….(Small Group Resources)

This weekend I am conducting a retreat on the topic of my previous three blogs (When We Assemble…). It will involve three presentations, one on each blog topic. I am also providing resources for small group discussion of the presentations, though the first is a private meditation. These are simple and basic, but hopefully helpful.


Session One: What We Do For God, or Loving God When We Assemble

Private Meditation

Text:  Reflecting on either Psalm 116 or Luke 7:36-50, walk through these questions.

What am I and what are my needs?
What has God done for me? Make a gratitude list.
How do I approach God in worship?
What do I offer (bring) God in worship?


Session Two: What We Do For Each Other, or Loving Each Other When We Assemble

Group Discussion

Text: 1 Corinthians 14:1-5,13-19, 22-26

What are some of the loving practices of the Corinthian assembly or what practices does Paul recommend for the sake of love?
What are some of the disruptive practices of the Corinthian assembly?
How do we love each other in practical ways when we assemble?
In what ways is love diminished by some assemblies?
What steps might we take to increase the love in our assemblies?


Session Three: What God Does For Us, or God Loving Us When We Assemble

Group Discussion

Text: Zephaniah 3:9-20

What does God do in this vision of the future?
What is the response of the redeemed remnant?
What does God feel—God’s emotional life—in response to the presence of the redeemed? What is God’s experience of our worship?
What do you envision God doing during our assemblies? How does this affect your experience and attitude toward assemblies?

4 Responses to “When We Assemble….(Small Group Resources)”

  1.   rich Says:

    Ya know john mark you ARE A great teach if I just hadn’t committed to 10K to fix my teeth (we won’t go into how I managed to need that much work. age + neglect now consequents of mismanagement.)
    I would fly out…. 🙂
    Boy oh boy some folks are sO blessed with your teaching presence….. that tape I listened to on psalm 77 was a personal elucidation of gods work on a committed believer that goes past words. blessings john mark AND GOD DOeS saY TO have fun dosn’t he? Kinda like love gets rid of fear. (James I think)what is left? :-). RICH

  2.   rich Says:


    Help it
    I LIKE that SONG!!!!!

  3.   Warren Baldwin Says:

    Helpful, thanks.

  4.   rich constant Says:

    this is an excerpt from john mark hicks titled SBD 7

    maybe compare and contrast…. from a point of view of mismanaging,god’s love because of ontology. crap… of course that’s right!!!

    God invested in Israel as a showcase of wisdom and understanding, a display of divine glory and righteousness. The Torah was a witness to the nations, and if Israel lived by its guidance the nations would praise them: “Surely this great nation is a wise and understanding people” (Deuteronomy 4:6).

    Israel was designed as the new image of God in the world, a communal testimony to God’s intent for the whole of creation. Israel was supposed to be what adam was in the beginning. They were intended as a people who represent God in the world and a people among whom God could live in community.

    Israel did not exist as an end in itself but was a servant to the nations. The “Great Commission of the Old Testament” underscores that Israel had a missional purpose—the nation was a “light for the Gentiles” and appointed to “bring [God’s] salvation to the ends of the earth” (Isaiah 49:6). Israel existed to bless other nations—not simply as the means to the Messiah, but as a witness to the holy love of God for the world.

    Yet Israel hardened its heart (e.g., 1 Samuel 6:6). Instead of participating in God’s mission, Israel fell and progressively repeated the cycle of creation and fall throughout its history (e.g., Judges). Humanity, even among blessed Israel, was caught in the ruling power of evil.

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