Favorite Stone-Campbell Quotes: James A. Harding

Harding (1848-1922) was a firm believer that everything is about the kingdom of God, especially our wealth and our businesses. Harding encouraged making money but for the sake of the kingdom of God rather than self-interested pursuits. Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from Harding which reflect this emphasis.

“If Christians are wise, they will be diligent in business; and then, when they have money, they will use it with a free hand in ministering to widows and orphans, in caring for the poor, in having the gospel preached, or to sum it all up, in lending it to the Lord….Lend your money to the Lord, and it is safe; you will be sure to get it when you need it.” (James A. Harding, “Scraps.  Wealth and How to Use It,” Gospel Advocate 28.43 [27 October 1886], 674.)

“If every Christian in the world should run his business, whatever that may be, solely for the advancement of God’s kingdom; if he should consider himself as being in the world simply and solely for that purpose, what a wonderful change we would have in the world!” (James A. Harding, “Three Contradictory Theories,” The Way 3.1 [4 April 1901], 3-4.)

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  1.   Patti Sikes Says:

    Kingdom People = Poor in Spirit people 🙂

  2.   Terrell Lee Says:

    Knowing how many of our spiritual ancestors lived such humble lives sort of pushes the guilt button of my soul.

  3.   Jason Knight Says:

    Reblogged this on A Knight's Miscellany and commented:
    This blog post from my friend and my teacher John Mark Hicks, quoting James A. Harding for whom the school I work at gets its name, is just too provocative not to share.

  4.   eirenetheou Says:

    These Harding texts are as fine an application of Matthew 6:33 as any i have seen. Thank you for bringing them to our attention.

    God’s Peace to you.


  5.   Jordan Ickes Says:

    So the quote is incredible. Why I’m commenting is the irony of the ad at the bottom of the page for American family insurance. “Protect your dream”
    Just made me laugh, thanks again for the post, really made me think about my American consumer tendencies.

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