Another Conservative Stone-Campbell Voice on New Heavens and New Earth

Frank Gibbs Allen (1836-1887), or usually known as F. G. Allen, was the conservative editor of the Old Path Guide (begun in 1879) which later merged with the Apostolic Times His Old Path Pulpit (available on Google Books) was published a year before his death (Covington, KY: Guide Print and Publishing Company). It was republished by the Gospel Advocate Company in 1940.

Three of the sermons in this book bear on the quesiton of the eternal state in one way or another. The most direct statement on new heavens and new earth is found in his sermon on the “state of the righteous dead.” In that sermon he comments on the eternal state (pp. 289-290).

As to the eternal state, I think the Bible clearly teaches that this earth, regenerated by fire and adapted to our wants, is to be the future home of the saints. While the boundless universe may lie within their range, the earth will be their home. And if such naturalness and life-likeness characterize our abode till that final glorified earthly home is complete, what may we expect of that? It is the perfection, and must surpass in all respects any thing preceding…[quoting Revelation 21:1-4]

At death the saints go to heaven to be with God. After the new earth is ready, God comes down to it to dwell with the saints. That life eternal in the new earth will be just as real as this. God hasten the day when it may be ours. When only the saints will dwell upon it, and sin and pain and death shall be no more. When this frail, suffering, worn-out body will be purified and glorified and made like unot the glorified body of the dear Redeemer. Gloriouos finality! The soul grows wild with the thought. Heaven help us to be patient while we wait.

3 Responses to “Another Conservative Stone-Campbell Voice on New Heavens and New Earth”

  1.   Brad McAfee Says:

    Interestingly, this is something I’ve been meditating on for the past few days. Thanks for the blast from the past. I love the whole thought process on subjects like this one. Hungering and thirsting!!!

    •   Steve Kell Says:

      (Brad–so very good to see your name: hope all is well.) I was first made aware of this option/alternative interpretation by my college Greek teacher when he took us over to consider 2 Peter 3:10. Thanks, JM, for posting F.G.’s viewpoint. I wonder what he thought about eternal punishment…anything in print on that?

      •   John Mark Hicks Says:

        I will have to check, but I’m pretty sure that in the Old Path Pulpit (available on Google books) he has some strong comments about eternal punishment.

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