Lent and Following Jesus into the Water

Text:  Luke 3:21-22.

In obedience to the Father, Jesus went down into the water and came up out of the water praying.

Jesus followed sinners into the water as they repented and confessed their sins. Jesus identified with sinners by sharing this water ritual with them. He underwent a ritual designed for sinners! He shared in this communal moment when Israel experienced the forgiveness of sins and the beginning of the end to their exile.

In response the Father anointed the Messiah with the Holy Spirit, affirmed the Son, and expressed delight over the Son.

This is our experience as well.

Through baptism we join other sinners in the water, confess our sins, and pray for God’s work in our lives. In response, the Father anoints us with the Holy Spirit, affirms our adoption, and expresses delight over us.

Our baptisms are moments when we follow Jesus into the water in obedience to the Father.

Our baptisms are moments when the Father says over us, “You are my child in whom I delight.”

Our baptisms are moments when the Father sends the Spirit into our hearts so that we, along with Jesus, might cry, “Abba, Father.”

Our baptisms are moments when we follow Jesus out of the water committed to the ministry of the kingdom.

We follow Jesus, led by the Spirit, from the water into the wilderness. During Lent, we sit with Jesus in the wilderness for forty days.

May our 40 days of Lent enrich our relationship with God.

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