Israel as a Royal Priest Among the Nations

This is one meditation from the published book by John Mark Hicks, Around the Bible in 80 Days: The Story of God from Creation to New Creation (Abilene: Leafwood Press, 2022).

3 Responses to “Israel as a Royal Priest Among the Nations”

  1.   Anita Hassey Says:

    Well done, John MarkK! I’m wondering if you ever comment on the many variations of the idea that Israel is still, even now, God’s “chosen” whom He will protect until the end of time. As you well know, there are political ramifications to this point of view, and our foreign policy reflects this belief by many Evangelicals.

  2.   John Mark Hicks Says:

    As we move forward in the series, I will express an opinion about that in general terms, which I think is consistent with the trajectory of the story. In essence, I don’t think the political state of Israel is a fulfillment of God’s intent for Israel, but I do think there is a future role for the Jewish people with whom God has enacted an irrevocable covenant. More later. đŸ™‚ I know…its a teaser.

  3.   Dwight Says:

    According to what we are told in the Gospels, the “nation of Israel” and the nation of the Gentiles were to be united under Christ, one nation…one nationality…the called out…the children of God. The fulfillment of Israel and the Law was Jesus, the Savior of mankind.

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