God Becomes a Human Being

This is one meditation from the published book by John Mark Hicks, Around the Bible in 80 Days: The Story of God from Creation to New Creation (Abilene: Leafwood Press, 2022).

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  1.   David W Fletcher Says:

    And I thought apostle John said, “And the Word became a tweet and circulated on zillions of iPhones . . .”

    I remember when I was stationed at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana (late 1980s), that the chapel’s parish council wanted to have a series of lessons on marriage and the family to invite non-chapel personnel on base to attend (i.e., outreach). I suggested that there were good video series we could use effectively for such. Several parishioners rebuked this young chaplain by saying, “Chaplain, you don’t understand; we’ve had video series; people don’t come; we’re tired of films, videos, etc.” “What we want is a real, live body, in the flesh, to come and speak to us about marriage and family life.” I told them I had the perfect person for this, if he could come. We invited Paul Faulkner and had a wonderful, in the flesh, series of lessons on marriage and the family.

    Thank God he didn’t send us an email from heaven!
    kai ho logos sarx egeneto kai eskenosen en hemin!


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