The Messiah Goes into the Wilderness with Israel

This is one meditation from the published book by John Mark Hicks, Around the Bible in 80 Days: The Story of God from Creation to New Creation (Abilene: Leafwood Press, 2022).

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  1.   cary daniel Says:

    Great article. Very, very Helpful.

    I left the wilderness struggle & traded it in for a life where I could walk by sight. I am a living testimony that walking by faith and not sight is the only way to live. My walk has taken me into The wealthy suburb s where I struggle to teach my children to be grateful and not entitled. My lifestyle has imprisoned me to work, work, work to keeps this lifestyle going. I have created my own desert and now realize how foolish of me to walk by sight & not faith. I thank you John Mark for always reminding me that with God all things are possible. He can take a wretched man like me and be gracious to the point where I can be so generous with my suburb life that I have to walk by faith & not sight.

  2.   Ernie Bishop Says:

    Good Stuff Brother!

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