The Resurrection of Jesus

Death is an enemy.

On occasion death can be a relative good. When the quality of life, for example, is significantly diminished and there is unbearable pain, we might think dying is better than living—but only in a relative sense. Life is better than death since God created us for life, not death.

But death, the enemy, reigns. We are powerless before it. We cannot control it. We have no authority over it. Death comes when it wills. We may be able to delay it, but it still comes.

Indeed, death has a long history. Though shalom or peace once ruled the garden of Eden in which God delighted and where God rested, sin vandalized the goodness of creation and death assumed its dictatorship. Death invaded Eden, and now chaos reigns through death. In Adam, Paul wrote, all die.

Without hope, death gives way to despair. But God has a plan. Jesus the Messiah is God’s response to living east of Eden. Resurrection is God’s answer to death. God does not intend for the creation to disappear into nothingness, including our bodies. God will raise our bodies from the dead that they might live in the renewed creation, the new heaven and new earth.

God has a plan, and it is Jesus the Messiah. Jesus was not only human—authentically human in every way, but he is the new human through his resurrection. He is the first of a new humanity, one that will live forever in resurrected bodies on a renewed earth. His resurrection promises a future for humanity. In Christ, Paul wrote, all are made alive.

Jesus is the first of a coming harvest. Jesus is the first fruit of that harvest; there is more to come. The resurrection of Jesus belongs to the future even though it occurred in the past as a promise of the future.

The resurrection of Jesus is a preview of coming attractions. But this preview does not leave us wondering what the end of the drama is. Instead, in the resurrection of Jesus, we see death destroyed.

The resurrection of Jesus is the power of God that destroys all authority, power, and dominion. Death no longer reigns, but Jesus does. The empire no longer wields power, but the kingdom of God does. Satan no longer holds the keys of Hades or death, but the living Christ does.

Death is the last enemy and it will not last. Death will not win. This is what we celebrate every Sunday, and this is what we celebrate on Easter. God has given us hope in this life and through the resurrection God will give us life after death—not just life “in heaven” after death but life in the new heaven and new earth after the resurrection.

God will not abandon God’s people in the grave. Life wins. Death will lose.

2 Responses to “The Resurrection of Jesus”

  1.   Lillien Says:

    I found this subject very interesting. Because most everyone is scared of Death. God has given us something to look forward to after our lives after death. There is no reason to be scared of Death because like it is said in the video, “Life wins. Death will lose.”

  2.   Jesse Hart Says:

    This was very interesting. It was a very powerful message for me to listen to about death not being the final place for us. I enjoyed it alot.

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