Women, Assemblies, and Churches of Christ

Several have asked for a briefer and more focused articulation of the topic of my book Women Serving God: My Journal in Understanding Their Story in the Bible that they could share with friends.

I have uploaded a PDF file entitled “Women, Assemblies, and Churches of Christ.” This essay offers a succinct case for the full participation of women in the assemblies gathered for prayer, praise, and mutual edification. I do not entertain the potential objections and alternative perspectives in this short piece. Women Serving God contains more detail and fuller argumentation for those who are interested.

This link will connect you with the study/teaching guide for the book, if someone is interested in more detail without purchasing the book.

Of course, one can only fully engage the argument through the book itself. But, hopefully, these two resources provide helps that are more accessible.

Peace upon the church of God.

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  1.   Charles Stelding Says:

    Thanks for making available a crisp, readable and thought-provoking essay on this topic. The PDF should help the average church-goer understand your conclusions in a compelling way without all of the complicate ins and outs of the discussion. I’m hoping that this essay will encourage people to read your book which explains in fuller detail your journey of faith.

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