Israel’s Scripture: Narrative and Liturgy

Texts: 1 Chronicles 29:29-30; Psalm 19:14

Days 20-22 in Around the Bible in Eighty Days.

Every people-group has a history; they tell stories about their journey. And every people-group has a liturgy; they worship someone or something.  Israel is no different.

The Torah and subsequent histories (running from Judges through Kings and Chronicles to Ezra-Nehemiah) narrates the story of Israel.

The Torah, along with the histories, highlights the rituals and rhythms of its liturgy, and the Psalms are the prayerbook of Israel.

What is the theological function of these parts of Scripture for Israel? Why are they there, and how do they provide guidance for living faithfully with God?

In this video, part of a Bible class’s walk through my book 80 Days Around the Bible, I explore how the narrative and liturgical genres of Israel’s Scripture form Israel as God’s people.

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