Chosen Conversations

April 12, 2023

Season 1, Episode 1. Available on Apple Podcasts here. Available on Vimeo here. Stan Wilson, Haley Villacorta, David Villacorta, and I have begun a series of podcasts/videos about “The Chosen” produced and directed by Dallas Jenkins. These conversations seek to explore one dimension of “The Chosen” per episode. This week we focus on Mary in […]

Mark 1:16-20 — The First Disciples

September 10, 2011

The good news about Jesus Christ is that the kingdom of God has drawn near. That is how Mark introduces his gospel (Mark 1:1-15). The first half  (Mark 1:16-8:30) narrates the in-breaking of the kingdom of God in the activity of Jesus. The second half (Mark 8:30-16:8) identifies Jesus as the suffering servant who gives his […]

Identity, Vocation and the Mission of God

January 29, 2010

During the Fall semester at Lipscomb University, I teach a class entitled “Nursing as Kingdom Vocation.” There I intend to cast a vision for those pursuing nursing as a career that their chosen path is a ministry in the kingdom of God. As nurses, they will participate in the mission of God (missio Dei) as […]