One Year at WordPress: The Most Viewed Posts/Series

March 30, 2009

My earlier attempts at blogging, before this past twelve months, were rather meager though I did post a considerable amount of material at my first site begun in September 2000.  I appreciate how the blog has been received by old friends and new ones. Thank you for your patronage. I hope our dialogue can continue […]

It is Spring! Well, for some of us!

February 26, 2009

Where can one work at his computer and watch live MLB baseball in February?   Answer:  on the “Space Coast” of Florida! Some of you are living in the cold, some of you are caged in an office, some of you are languishing in the boredom of your jobs.   I, however, am watching–by the grace of […]

Defending God

May 24, 2008

When a cyclone kills over 130,000 in Myanmar and an earthquake snuffs out the lives of 80,000 more in China, I have little interest in defending or justifying God. When my son (Joshua Mark Hicks) dies of a genetic disorder after watching him slowly degenerate over ten years and I learn of the tragic death of a friend’s son (John Robert […]