Alexander Campbell’s Demonology Lecture in Nashville (1841)

October 27, 2009

Returning to some of my historical interests (which is probably not shared by many :-)), I have always been fascinated with Alexander Campbell’s take on the “spiritual system” as he called it, particularly demonology. Campbell presented a major addresson the topic of demonology to the Popular Lecture Club in Nashville, Tennessee on March 10, 1841 […]

Jesus Shakes His Head in Disappointment

January 24, 2007

“In the splendid palace chapel a stately court preacher, the cultivated public’s elite, advances before an elite circle of fashionable and cultivated people and preaches emotionally on the text of the Apostle, ‘God chose the lowly and despised’–and nobody laughs.” Soren Kierkegaard And Luke’s Jesus shakes his head in utter disappointment as the rich young […]

Luke on My Mind #6

August 29, 2006

I admit it; actually, I confess it–I find “Sell your possessions and give to the poor” (Luke 12:33) a hard and difficult saying. Probably more than any other saying of Jesus–even “love your enemies”–I’m inclined to throw up my hands and say “I can’t do that.” It puts me in the position of the Rich […]

Luke On My Mind #5

August 24, 2006

Practicing the kingdom of God entails fellowship with the poor. Jesus came to announce “good news” (gospel) to the poor and to liberate the poor from their oppression. He came to sustain the needy and supply their needs. Acts 2:42 characterizes the early church as devoting themselves to “fellowship” (koinonia). This term can have a […]

Two Men, Two Tales, Two Choices

May 22, 2006

Text: Luke 18-19 This is the story of two men who make two very different choices. I admit upfront that I am not sure which man I am or which choice I would make. I know which one I would want to make, but I’m not sure which one I would actually make. Or perhaps […]