Prayers of Habakkuk

My Bible Class page now has a new offering entitled the Prayers of Habakkuk.  It is a four lesson series on Habakkuk and these are the class handouts.

Habakkuk has been an important prophet for me in the past twenty years or so.  The two laments of chapter one and the woe against Babylon in chapter two are balanced by the praise of chapter three. The honesty of the laments, the ethics of the woes and the patience of faithful praise are truly amazing in this short work.

In our political context, the message of the lament against injustice and the woes against violence (to both people and the earth) are helpful reminders of how to orient our own prayers.

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  1.   mattdabbs Says:

    Thank you for making this available. How are you liking WordPress?

  2.   John Mark Hicks Says:

    Yes, I am. It is easy to use, but still looking into the various features.

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