Women Serving God: Four Lesson Series

I have uploaded to my Bible Class page some handouts I designed for a congregational-wide study in their Bible classes. It is entitled Women Serving God.

The four lessons cover: (1) creation; (2) women in Israel; (3) women in the ministry of Jesus; and (4) women in the early church. 

The intent of the series is to (1) raise awareness of the biblical data and (2) to foster mutual understanding between those who differ on contemporary issues relating to female ordination, ministry and activity within the assembly. The goal is not simply to tolerate each other but to appreciate how each can arrive at different conclusions even with a commitment to the biblical text.

Use the series at your discretion and leisure.  🙂


John Mark

3 Responses to “Women Serving God: Four Lesson Series”

  1.   Michael Jones Says:

    I want to thank you for sharing the class materials and bible studies on your site. I appreciate the viewpoints that you present and the help me to get a different perspective on some issues that are important to the church. Keep up the good work.

  2.   Alan Says:

    I appreciate the tone of this material. I think we need to do a lot more trying to understand “the other side” on lots of issues — none more so than the gender issue. So often we enter these discussions trying to win an argument. Instead, we need to learn to respect those who see things differently. Thanks for your efforts in that direction.

  3.   John Mark Hicks Says:

    It is important that we talk with each other with mutual respect and the paramount part of this is that we seek to understand why the other believes they way they do without at the same time accusing the other of “denying the Bible.” The kind of discussion I envision in these handouts is a dialogue between people who seek to live within the story of Scripture and submit to its direction. But believers who share that same commitment still nevertheless come to different conclusions on this important topic.

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