Reverse the Curse I

The Red Soxs did it in 2004. After 86 years, the curse of the Bambino was finally lifted.

While the Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908, their “curse” actually dates to 1945 when a goat was refused admittance to Wrigley field.

I wear my Cubs hat with great pride–“reverse the curse” with the symbol of the goat emblazed on a blue background.  I wore it the other night when the Cubs blanked the Braves 8-0 at Turner Stadium.

And the curse continued throughout the years….

…a black cat circled Ron Santo at Shea Stadium in 1969…and the Cubs blew a nine game lead

…a routine groundball goes through the legs of dependable firstbase star Durham in 1984 and the Padres take the lead in seventh inning and win the series.

…Bartman interferes with a catchable foul ball and the Cubs collaspe in 2003…instead of a 3-0 lead, they give up eight runs in that eighth inning and lose the game, and then the series the next day.

It is time to reverse the curse in Cubs Nation.

Redemption is nigh. The tears will be swept away. There will be no more mourning at Clark & Addison.

Delusional?  Perhaps.

Wishful Thinking?  Surely.

Hopeful? Not really.

Playful?  Now that is what I am doing.

There is no Goat curse.  No Black Cat curse.  No Bartman Curse (give the guy a break–every fan would have gone for the ball if it were right in front of him). 

Baseball is just a game. I find it fun; to follow the divisional races, to watch the playoffs, to enjoy the Series is diverting, exciting, and recreational….but ultimately meaningless.

“Reverse the Curse” means something much more serious to me. It is the battle cry of the kingdom of God!   It is the epitome of the ministry of Jesus.  More to come…..

12 Responses to “Reverse the Curse I”

  1.   richard constant Says:



    why would GOD need to reverse anything.

    that word implies to me something that was not forseen in the act of creation and if god chose all those that believe in christ before the the creation
    why the word reversed????? got ya!!!!!!.

    happy face from rich…

    BLESSINGS, rich

  2.   John Mark Hicks Says:

    Well, more to come, my friend. It is biblical language….”there was no more curse”….it was reversed (or anulled, or destroyed, or….whatever image one might want to use). 🙂

  3.   richard constant Says:

    Well, more to come, my friend. It is biblical language….”there was no more curse”….it was reversed (or anulled, or destroyed, or….whatever image one might want to use).



  4.   Quiara Says:


    When God destroyed creation with the flood, he “repented” that he had made mankind. When he wanted to destroy the Israelites and Moses begged for their pardon, God “repented” of his intent.

    Tangentially related, but:

    Sometimes I believe that we, mankind, are God’s act of faith as much as anything else. Time and again, the limitless God limits himself in favor of our choice. It’s pretty amazing, to me, and awe-inspiring.

  5.   John Mark Hicks Says:


    I would agree that God invested trust in humanity in working out his purposes. He trusted Job, for example. I think that is awesome as well.

    At the same time, I would affirm a transcendent omniscience on the part of God…..but that is a story for another post or series of posts. 🙂 Eventually, I will write about my views on Open Theism, Arminianism and Calvinism.

    Thanks for the comment.

  6.   Quiara Says:

    Oh, I believe he is transcendently omniscient as well. I just don’t comprehend how it all fits together so seamlessly with his voluntary gift of choice to humanity. So I sit back in awe and amazement. ^_^

  7.   The Seeking Disciple Says:

    But I do disagree over Bartman. Alou says he wouldn’t have been able to make the play. Poor Bartman still gets blamed.

  8.   John Mark Hicks Says:

    I am with you, Q. Who are we to think we could actually “fit it together”? 🙂

  9.   John Mark Hicks Says:

    Perhaps Alou could not have caught it, but I think it was catchable…..nevertheless, I agree, give Mr. Bartman a break. He did nothing that most of us, if not all of us, would not have done in his circumstance.

    Theologically, we are all sinners…so let’s get the plank out of our own eye before we critique Bartman. 🙂

  10.   Quiara Says:

    Though I still don’t quite get how our commen theology affirms that Christ’s sacrifice managed to reverse every curse except for Eve’s — which, depending on the theologian queried, may not even have been a curse. . . .

    Ignore me. I’m feeling cantankerous. ^_^

  11.   richard constant Says:

    now see what you have started john mark.

    curse / reverse /
    if the glove don’t fit

    how does that go
    the chase is afoot dr. watson…

    toooo long ago


  12.   Randall Says:

    All your posts on hermeneutics have been very good and I am enjoying and gaining from them. I do look forward rto the time when “Eventually, [you] will write about [your] views on Open Theism, Arminianism and Calvinism.”

    I wish you success with the Cubs. My daughter lives in Chicago and she would like to see them do well. In my neighborhood the camel races (with the robotic rather than human jockeys) are more popular. 😉


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