Cubs Lose; Cosmos Secure

October 7, 2008

Good news and bad news. The bad news is that the Cubs lost their only three postseason games this year and will not be going to the World Series. The good news is that the cosmos is stable, the economic crisis has not disturbed the fundamental mechanics of the universe, and electoral deceptions do not […]

Ten Reasons the Cubs Win the World Series This Year and Reverse the Curse

September 3, 2008

Time for some “tongue-in-cheek” …. My ten reasons why the Chicago Cubs will return to the World Series for the first time since 1945 and win it for the first time since 1908. 10.  The Cubs won nine straight games on the road which is something they have not done since 1945. 9.  The Cubs winning percentage […]

Reverse the Curse I

August 18, 2008

The Red Soxs did it in 2004. After 86 years, the curse of the Bambino was finally lifted. While the Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908, their “curse” actually dates to 1945 when a goat was refused admittance to Wrigley field. I wear my Cubs hat with great pride–“reverse the curse” with […]

“Catch Them If You Can” — Please Don’t Say That!

August 16, 2008

Why did do it?  They headlined the Chicago Cubs with “Catch Them If You Can”! I can feel another jinx in the works.  Somebody is going to show up with a goat at Wrigley and be refused a seat as in 1945.  Or, there will be another Bartman. But “catch them if you can”….give […]