Salvation: Sector 1

November 7, 2009

What is salvation? In my last post I proposed the below chart as a way of answering that important question. In this post I will comment on the first sector (1).   Past Justification Present Sanctification Future Glorification Personal Forgiveness of Sins and Relationship with God (1) Moral (Inner and Outer)  Transformation (2) Resurrection of the […]

Resting from Blogging

July 14, 2008

Friends With the advice and counsel from some under whom I have placed my care, I have decided to cease blogging for the rest of July.  I appreciate your kind emails and comments as well as the dialogue some of us have had over the past few months.  And I have enjoyed entering the blogging […]

Restful Absence

June 20, 2008

Beginning Saturday, I will travel with my wife to the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia.  We will spend a week together in the midst of God’s good creation.  I will be separated from all electronics–fasting from the computer–in order to simply be present with my wife.  It will be a time of fun, relaxation, […]