Resting from Blogging


With the advice and counsel from some under whom I have placed my care, I have decided to cease blogging for the rest of July. 

I appreciate your kind emails and comments as well as the dialogue some of us have had over the past few months.  And I have enjoyed entering the blogging world once again.

This rest will give me time to think about some other things in my life and give attention to them.  There is more to life than “hermeneutics,” right?  🙂

Lord willing, I will “see” you again in August.


John Mark

10 Responses to “Resting from Blogging”

  1.   Adam G. Says:

    I took a break back a couple of months ago, and it did a lot of good. Enjoy the rest!

  2.   rich constant Says:

    There is more to life than “hermeneutics,” right?

    AND WHO !!



  3.   Quiara Says:

    May your sabbath be blessed. We hope for your return, obviously, but our greater wish is for your peace and healing. Take care of yourself and enjoy your time.

  4.   clyde s. Says:

    “There remains therefore a sabbath rest for the bloggers of God.”

    Or something like that. Enjoy!

  5.   benoverby Says:

    A break is refreshing! Enjoy and relax.

  6.   K. Rex Butts Says:

    I understand. God bless!

  7.   T Gagnon Says:

    That’s too bad. Just when I was getting to know you better. You sound like a very deep thinking man of God. But, I suppose those are the men in most need of rest. I assume it was family who felt you should get away from your blog. I wonder why? You seem to do so much good with your insights on life. I hope you don’t give up blogging altogether. Even if you do, I’m sure we all know where to find you at your personal email. Then you can choose whether you respond or not.

  8.   Keith Brenton Says:

    Find your Center. Celebrate Him. Rest in His peace.

    Return to us refreshed.


  9.   rich constant Says:

    as i once did not think of god. the god i knew was self,
    i now being alive from being dead to god through the preaching of the Faith, the gospel of my salvation.
    I should think on sin as i thought on god.
    and concider sin, not at all.
    being alive from the dead freed from the law of sin and death, as my lord.
    i look to the righteousness which is of faith.
    and yeld my body as an
    instrument of righteousness unto God.

    the law of the spirit of life.

    john mark i just bet if we “kept our eyes on the prise”
    prayer’s of the “LORDS RIGHTEOUS BODY” would avail much more with our father.

    thoughts on rom 6-10

  10.   rodney2008 Says:

    Enjoy the break!


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