A Podcast Discussion: New Heavens and a New Earth

July 13, 2022

What Will Become of the Earth: A Nashville Bible School Perspective

August 8, 2015

Eschatology. Millennialism. Second Advent. Judgment. New Heaven and Earth. Nineteenth century Restorationists, from Alexander Campbell to David Lipscomb, spoke and wrote about these subjects. They often disagreed, however. Alexander Campbell was a postmillennialist. James A. Harding was a premillennialist. Walter Scott changed his mind several times. David Lipscomb was uncertain. However, these all agreed that […]

Bibliography on Renewed Earth Eschatology

February 4, 2012

Several friends, in different places and ways, have asked me for a list of resources on renewed earth eschatology.  Below are some books that I think are quite helpful in developing and thinking through such an eschatology in biblical-theological terms. There are, of course, many more resources than these.  Many books on systematic theology (recently […]

The Eschatology of James A. Harding

March 9, 2009

One of the more significant differences between the Tennessee and Texas Traditions is eschatology. I use “eschatology” in the broad sense of the term. It is not simply about millennialism (though the Tennessee Tradition was generally premillennial). Rather, it involves how one understands the kingdom of God, how the kingdom relates to “worldly kingdoms” (civil […]