Ten Reasons the Cubs Win the World Series This Year and Reverse the Curse

Time for some “tongue-in-cheek” …. My ten reasons why the Chicago Cubs will return to the World Series for the first time since 1945 and win it for the first time since 1908.

10.  The Cubs won nine straight games on the road which is something they have not done since 1945.

9.  The Cubs winning percentage reached above .630 for the first time since 1945 (when they had .636).

8.  The Cubs won nine straight series for the first time since 1907–a year they also won the World Series.

7. The Cubs reached 35 games above .500 this season for the first time since 1945 (not there now, however!).

6. There is no superstar or assured Hall of Famer on the Cubs team–it is a team and not a one or two man show!  (Though a team they are nevertheless a team of millionaries!)

5. The Cubs have the longest championship drought among professional teams in the US.

4.  They are America’s team–midwestern, true blue…and America only likes winners, right?  Even when they only win every 100 years.

3.  The goat died a long time ago, all the black cats in Chicago have been quarantined, and Bartman will not be allowed in Wrigley this time.

2. I will not watch any more Cub games on TV since every game I have watched in its entirely or most of it they lost!  When I watch, they lose.  So, I won’t watch….maybe.

1.  There is a benevolent God!

Ok, maybe the “God” thing is over the top….but…..I look unto the hills from whence my help cometh….it is the only hope for the Chicago Cubs, my lovable losers.  🙂

I wanted to do this before the Cubs actually blow it.  🙂

Ultimately, it is just a game and is meaningless in terms of my participation in the kingdom of God.  But it is recreational, fun and fits in with my “theology of play.” 🙂

12 Responses to “Ten Reasons the Cubs Win the World Series This Year and Reverse the Curse”

  1.   Richard Corum Says:

    Tennessee being defeated by UCLA in overtime has to figure in there somewhere. I love to hate UT!!!!!!

  2.   John Mark Hicks Says:

    🙂 I have to admit…I enjoyed that too!

  3.   Q Says:

    I think God’s a baseball fan. I’m just not sure he’s a Cubs fan…. (Then again, he has always had a thing for the underdog…)

  4.   John Mark Hicks Says:

    God often permits the “wicked” to triumph and live in ease for centuries (though we hope it does not last that long) only to give the final victory to the underdog, the suffering “righteous.” Should the Cubs win and the Eschaton arrive, I won’t complain. 🙂

  5.   Billy G Says:

    May my deceased father forgive me but I have not been a true Cub fan since lights were installed at Wrigley.

    On the other hand I am nobody’s fan.

  6.   John Mark Hicks Says:

    I like baseball…whether on Saturday or Friday…whether under the lights or in the daylight.

    But if the truth be known, I do not experience emotional highs or lows about it. It is a game; a time to relax, something to enjoy. But it does not modulate my emotional life or determine my schedule.

    I missed the Rami grand slam last Thursday evening because I had chosen to spend the evening focused on my wife rather than on the Cubs. I think I made the right choice. 🙂

    The exhilariation of a game-winning Grand Slam lasts for a few minutes, but the joy of presence with my wife lives eternally.

  7.   Philip III Says:

    I hope we don’t spite God by invoking #1. But if there is a holy, loving God in Heaven…


  8.   Bart Man Says:

    May the Cubs win… if the Red Sox don’t, that is. GO RED SOX NATION!!!

  9.   Alan Says:

    A post collapse query – any thoughts? Is there a theological tie-in? Or is just one of those mysteries of God that will have to wait until eternity to answer? My sympathies.

  10.   John Mark Hicks Says:

    Actually, it is a relief for the Cubs to lose in the midst of media alarmists who think the world is coming to an end economically, polictically and otherwise. We know the cosmos is in balance exactly because the Cubs lost. The cosmic tumblers are still working as they should!

  11.   rich constant Says:

    i hear the sound of the preverbale sour grapes.
    now john mark far be it fo me to be a shin kicker but sticK a fork in those cubs there DONE.


  12.   Bob Freelance Says:

    Baseball is the ultimate sport in the world. I’m excited about the new season. Should be a lot of fun.

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