Jesus, the Unlikely Apprentice VI

March 1, 2009

Connected Living: Levels of Community The Triune God, of course, lives together in perfect unity, transparency and intimacy. The Father loves the Son, the Son loves the Spirit and the Spirit loves the Father. They are one (John 17:20-25). Their community is unbounded; it is infinite. Living life as a human, however, Jesus learned to […]

Jesus, the Unlikely Apprentice IV

February 18, 2009

Living in Community While Jesus apprenticed in his humanity as he was discipled by his Father, he did not live in isolation from others. Quite the contrary, he travelled throughout Palestine with his twelve apostles and a group of supportive women (Luke 8:1-3). Jesus mentored them, taught them, and prayed with them (Mark 4:34; Luke […]

Transforming Encounters of the Sacramental Kind

June 29, 2008

On February 2 of this year I conducted a one day seminar at the North Davis Church of Christ in Arlington, Texas. They had invited me to prepare some materials for a congregational-wide study of Baptism, the Lord’s Supper and Assembly based on my three books (Come to the Table, Down in the River to […]

My Memorial Days

May 23, 2008

After memoralizing a couple of days in my life (May 21–the date of Joshua’s death and May 22–Sheila and I would have been married thirty-one years), I feel better. It was a cathartic–a kind of cleansing–though I recognize it is a long process (and has been a long one already).  I now realize that I […]

Theology in Postmodern Perspective

May 2, 2008

Originally prepared for a discussion among faculty, I have used this handout as a point of discussion in several of my graduate classes.  It is a “bare bones” introduction to how Christian theology and postmodern perspectives might intersect or complement each other. It is intended as a discussion starter for my classes; it is not […]

Performing the Fifth Act

August 25, 2005

Since we lack a script–a detailed “say this, do this”–for living out the gospel in our lives today, how do we “perform fifth the act”? This is the function of theological hermeneutics. It is a way of thinking, reflecting and seeking the will of God. It is imaginatively entering into world of Scripture to draw […]