Postmodern Hermeneutics and Theology

May 19, 2008

One of the more interesting postmodern philosophers, in my opinion, is Merold Westphal. Below I have reproduced a selection from his article “Appropriating Postmodernism” in his Overcoming Onto-theology: Toward a Postmodern Christian Faith (NY: Fordham, 2001), pp. 78-80. Originally a lecture to an evangelical college board, he attempts to illustrate how postmodernism, hermeneutics, theology and the […]

Created for Hermeneutics–Part V (Theological Application)

May 18, 2008

This is my last post under the heading of “Created for Hermeneutics.”  In the near future–after a little break this week–I will continue a discussion of hermeneutics.  My plan is to summarize and critique some aspects of traditional Stone-Campbell hermeneutics in one series and then initiate another series which offers an alternative (though not disconnected) vision for contemporary theological hermeneutics. […]

Theology in Postmodern Perspective

May 2, 2008

Originally prepared for a discussion among faculty, I have used this handout as a point of discussion in several of my graduate classes.  It is a “bare bones” introduction to how Christian theology and postmodern perspectives might intersect or complement each other. It is intended as a discussion starter for my classes; it is not […]