The Messiah Serves the Table

This is one meditation from the published book by John Mark Hicks, Around the Bible in 80 Days: The Story of God from Creation to New Creation (Abilene: Leafwood Press, 2022).

2 Responses to “The Messiah Serves the Table”

  1.   Ken Harris Says:

    I love the way you do this John Mark … the way you tie the old with the new. I plan to use some of these words the next time I lead the meditation before communion at the congregation that I am a member of at Port City in Mobile, with your permission. I have used what you wrote in your book “Come to the Table: Revisioning the Lord’s Supper” in the past, and I was complimented on what I shared, but I gave due credit to the author.

  2.   John Mark Hicks Says:

    Thanks, Ken. Whatever is on the blog, you are free to use as you think it helpful!

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