Mark 15:1-20 – The Crowd Chooses Violent Revolution Rather than Jesus

July 23, 2012

Earlier in the Gospel, Jesus outlined that he would be “handed over” (“betrayed” in NIV) to the temple authorities but that they in turn would “hand him over” to the Romans (Mark 10:33). The Passion narrative has been a series of “hand overs” (paradidomi): Judas to the temple authorities (14:41), the authorities to Pilate (15:1) […]

Mark 14:53-65: Trial #1 (Sanhedrin Trial)

July 17, 2012

After struggling through prayer in Gethsemane, Jesus submitted to his arrest at the hands of his betrayer. Strengthened by prayer, Jesus is determined to do the will of the Father. The disciples, however, have scattered….except one, according to Mark, follows the arrest party at a distance. His name is Peter. Mark 14:53-15:20 is a trial […]