A Sermon on Uzzah

January 23, 2023

2 Samuel 6:1-11 (begin at minute 36 for the sermon) Uzzah was part of a religio-political procession; it was not simply about an inadvertent touching of the ark. What happened to Uzzah signals the unholy nature of David’s agenda. It is more about what David wants than what God wants.

Hezekiah’s Passover II: Theological Reflections

April 17, 2008

In stark contrast with the Uzzah story in 1 Chronicles 13, I do not remember any lessons on Hezekiah’s Passover in 2 Chronicles 30 in my younger years growing up in Churches of Christ. There may have been some but they did not make an impression on me that I can remember. The Uzzah example, […]

Uzzah and the Ark II: Theological Reflections and Churches of Christ

April 16, 2008

I remember quite a few sermons about Uzzah and the Ark over the years.  Usually—if I recall correctly—they were based on 2 Samuel 6 which is not as nearly helpful for understanding the theological point of the story as is 1 Chronicles 13 & 15.  The point of the sermon usually boiled down to something […]

Uzzah and the Ark: Exegetical Considerations

April 15, 2008

Forgive the length of this post, but this is material adapted here from my commentary on 1 & 2 Chronicles. Tomorrow I will reflect on the text in connection with its usage among Churches of Christ.  But today it is the hard–sometimes boring–work of exegesis.     *****************************   The Chronicler moves from enthronement of […]