Stone-Campbell Hermeneutics III – Baconian Hermeneutics and Churches of Christ

May 29, 2008

Warning:  this is another “brief” post of over 3000 words.  🙂 In the previous two posts I concentrated on Alexander Campbell–his modern Baconianism as his philosophical-methodological base and his embrace of the Reformed approach to theological hermeneutics. In this piece I want to think more specifically about how Baconianism shaped how Scripture was used in Churches of Christ.  […]

Stone-Campbell Hermeneutics II – Campbell’s Reformed Hermeneutic

May 28, 2008

This is a huge subject for a single post. I shall try to be brief. Warning: “brief” ended up being 2800+ words. 🙂 In my first post in this series I noted a few of the modern (Enlightenment) Baconian assumptions of Alexander Campbell’s hermeneutic. In essence Campbell draws out the facts of the redemptive narrative in […]

Stone-Campbell Hermeneutics I – Campbell’s Scholarly Baconianism

May 28, 2008

I begin this series on Stone-Campbell hermeneutics with Alexander Campbell (1788-1866).  While I recognize that Barton W. Stone (1772-1844) and Thomas Campbell (1763-1855) also had a significant impact on how the Stone-Campbell Movement read the Bible, there seems little question that Alexander Campbell was the more dominant figure for Stone-Campbell hermeneutics. Consequently, I will stress Alexander […]